2 nights ago I got to stay in a beautiful house in Palos Verdes, like a ridiculous house, with little hobbit style windows, spanishy vibes, crazy tropical plants and  a beautiful terrace and the most insane cliff/ocean/harbour views.  It’s funny because it totally related to the video concept I just worked on, from palos verdes you can see the whole of LA in the far distance but you’re like smack bang by the ocean… as soon as I step out of the city and get face to face with mother nature I feel this burst of freedom and relaxation that I don’t get from anything else, it’s amazing when you just slow down and appreciate the planet. We are so lucky and it gives me immediate travel fever, I want to see every ocean and landscape. Anyway I stayed there with my boyfriends family for my last night in LA for a minute, it was perfect. Especially after 2 insane moves in 2 months!!! It’s been a bit hectic lately.

So I just got to London, I’m staying at home with my family right now <3 I haven’t been home in almost a year, it’s a weird thing splitting a life in 2. I have my history, self, family, pets, life long friends, career options in London and the UK and a dog, boyfriend, newer friends, new experiences, dreams I want to achieve and different career options Stateside. It’s a lot for an anxiety ridden OCD crazy town brain like mine. Sometimes I sit staring at a wall wondering how it’s all going to work out. And then when I have spent pointless hours worrying about things I cannot control I accept it will all just work itself out each step of the way.

Most importantly, I need to connect with my roots right now. There’s some really exciting music being born out of connecting with that for me. And also, London and my home is where I get boosted with confidence and the sass that I need to restart a campaign and I feel pretty passionately that it is where I should be starting from with a new record release. So I’m here, to do it right and get this shit goin! This is after all, where it all began. I’m so excited to be releasing new music soon. like sooooooooo soon. and soooooo excited. like your ears should be smiling right now. :))))))!!!!!!

I’ll be updating you with dates and the secrets v soon.

I have just finished a new music video and some of you have participated which I LOVE LOVE LOVE you for. I’m always so excited about your creativity and how you join in with what I’m doing. It’s so awesome. If you still want to join in with this video you can either submit art to the tumblr katenashclub.tumblr.com login details are as follows:


password: album#4!

You have always made and submitted incredible art to instagram, facebook, twitter etc… I thought this would be a cool way to get it all together, stuff inspired by any details I can give you about the new music as we go along. The hub. da club. It’s cool to see it all in one place. Please feel free to login and submit any artwork for album number 4!! And if you do submit please add your instagram/website info so people can find more of your work and I can do shout outs.

The other way you can contribute is by sending a video of yourself brushing your teeth and/or removing a full face of make up preferably on photo booth (but other formats can be accepted) to katenashagenda@gmail.com

I have been up since like 3.30 am I am so damn jet lagged. I am about to start writing really weird shit on here. but just know this…the files are IN the computer. jk i know i am so funny. but srsly sorry if i sound as floaty as i feel. i feel like i’m in a flotation tank rn. watching good wife too. fun fact: in the middle of the night i couldn’t sleep so i ate the chocolate my mum had saved for me from easter that was covered in crochet chicks and knitted bunnies…cute thnx mum u da best…i watched good wife, fell asleep again and woke up with chocolate all over my right boob. thumbs up emoooooji.

Anyway super excited to get going again!!!! share your comments below innit. I’m still currently an independent artist, so i’m excited to see what we can create together. I want your involvement heavily and deeply, oooer. As soon as I can I will give you more info on everything I can including my hairy toes. love u!!! Hell Yeah girl gang GIDDYUP BITCHEZ!!!! LET’S DOOOOO THIS <3IMG_3773

photos by alice baxley