So I’ve been working and recording in a beautiful house above the clouds with the wonderful Dave Bassett in Malibu. I wanna move there so badly. To a dirt road in the hills with hardly any reception, hours from anywhere!! so when people ask if I wanna come out I have a better excuse than “tired” or “but buffy is on netflix now”

We worked on a new song!!! gahhh I have so much frickin music to play you I wish I could just spew it out now but I gotta control myself. I’ve been working with a few different people, Jarrad Kritzstein, who I met when I went to that castle in the south of france for a writing camp (casual). We hit if off when we wrote a disco/funk party song and invented an imaginary soon to be real band called “the family vibe” with James newman and babydaddy and Newman & I almost rolled off a cliff and he ran himself over with a golf cart, instant friends for life experience. Jarrad is basically a bearded genius with excellent but not intimidating dance moves. He was in wishbone you guys. The dog detective tv show. He’s directed documentaries and has a mysterious secret past that involves getting weekly lunches with Drew Carey and Steve Woz. And he’s always at weddings with movie stars. We’ve done some amazing shit together. I feel super comfortable with Jarrad, someone I can be as weird as I truly am with.

That’s what I need in the studio, someone I can fly my freaky flag with. I feel like finding the right people to make music with is like finding translators for alien communication. And when someone seems to be able to translate your inner most freaky self loathing and self proclaiming self you put a mic on it. So we’ve been doing that.

I’ve also been working with Frederik Thaae, shit we made this crazy irish poltical rap pop song that I’ve been wanting to write for AGES. Errr and to any of my fellow popstars out there reading this…DON’T STEAL MY RADIO FRIENDLY MASS MARKET GENIUS DOLLAR SIGNS IN YOUR EYES IDEAS BITCHEZZ. Leave the Irish political rap pop to me k? Frederik also has a beard, it’s quite a full on long beard and stella always goes up to it and I’m afraid she’s going to try and eat it one day very soon. The first time we met was actually at my sisters pub in London, we got speedily day time drunk and went to Linda & Emma’s Echo Boom Generation show where I told off a coke head who was rude to Emma, like immediately after a bump. lol. I totally crashed his nose candy party. HAAAAHAAAAA. don’t fu with my GG tho dickface.

I am also sooooooo excited about working with Tim Anderson. Tim is soooo cooooooooool I’m with him today. He basicially has a halloween themed studio, with crazy schlock horror graveyard stomp paintings and a mannequin with a werewolf mask and one leg. We hit it off immediately, played music to each other, cried watching dead mans’ bones videos and swapped horror movie favourites. I know these sessions are gonna be intense and fun and when dark hits potentially whiskey fuelled. I have this really heavy, dark emotional track I wanna record with him that we’re trying out today.

All in all I’m feelin pretty good and comfortable with where I’m at right now. It’s taken a while to find my feet here, a lot of weirdos in this town tbh. I’m a cancer with my moon in scorpio (thanks kelsey) so I like love home and change is always happening to me but always freaking me out so much. So it was hard to figure shit out at first. And I attract the crazies so :/// I just need to be patient now. BEING PATIENT IS HARD. With myself and my work my patience is low. I want it all. I want it now. The good news is I’m writing a lot, I’m feeling inspired, i’ve been writing a lot for a while and I keep wanting to explore new things, god knows how I still have this much to say, but I have issues so…it helps! This record is gonna sound like a mix of the 3 me’s you’ve heard so far. It’s poppier than girl talk, but still has the confidence and determination and rough edge I had with that record, man that record just changed my fuckin life so much. It’s my heart and soul really. But yea, this is the next step, I gotta take my time and have patience, i cannot stress how hard that is for me, I have a million years worth of patience for other people like I said but none for myself and for stuff I want. So I gotta meditate or something. PEACE