so like Shoot ”em with a camera not a Gun dude!

We are in Glasgow today! Tour has been going awesome. We’ve been ragin with The Tuts and have had girl gang stage invasions which has made me happier than ever!! I’ve seen so many girls that look like they are already in a girl band and when I ask them they’re like “we wanna be in one!!”. Tryin to see how many girl bands we can start around the UK on this tour. I’ll post a tour blog soon.

Anyway I just got super upset the other morning because I was in the hotel room doing crafts for pledge and I found this link about baby seals in Canada being killed and it is so fucked up!! Like 98% of them are younger than 3 months old and they are killed so brutally. Like beat, bludgeoned and shot, they get so freaked out and it is so sad. There is actually less demand than ever for seal fur in 2013 yet the Canadian government won’t stop the slaughter, they also try and cover up the fact that it is brutal. Seal slaughter products have actually been banned in a lot of countries so a lot of the seal fur is just stock piled. I really wanna get involved in trying to raise awareness about this as it is happening right now, we’re in the middle of Seal Slaughter Season. And the sealers are commercial fishermen, killing seals only makes up about 5% of their income. It just seems totally pointless and ridiculous and is like this barbaric trade  for no reason.

If you can bear to watch it, you can see that it really is brutal how they kill them, just be warned that it is upsetting if you’re gonna watch it. This video shows how they are killed.

We need to support the “Buyout option”


“the government must arrange a buyout whereby the sealers hand in their sealing licences, are compensated and then viable economic alternatives supported in those areas such as eco-tourism. Let’s shoot seals with a camera not a gun”

If you just fill in your name and info here it is raising awareness that more people don’t want this to happen. The statistics show that most people in Canada don’t support the seal slaughter. It’s bloody ridiculous.

go here to sign

So yeah, let’s try and spread awareness while all these cute baby seals are getting killed brutally. Follow @hsiglobal on twitter for more info

Come on dudes!!! SO CUTE!! THE SEALS NEED US!

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