The Trail

This track is by Tess Purchase from London, it’s called The Trail and these are the lyrics.
Such a sweet recording.
Here is her blog

Maybe when I’m gone and you are too alone to find your way
You’ll see the trail I’ve made
And maybe when the stream is running clear
You’ll be clever enough to steer
Away from what made it clouded
And maybe if the birds won’t sing no more
You’ll come running to my door
And realise half-way, I’m not in
Initially, this will make you sad
But you’ll remember what we’d had
And you’ll be satisfied without it

I will be wherever you left me
In the courtyard of your mind
Sitting on your mantelpiece
You’ll still talk to me
Even though I will have left my voice behind

You’ll pick me up and run a thumb over my face
And you’ll smear the frame in which I sit
You’ve got grease on your hands
Your hair falls in strands
Over your eyes, so you push them away

Maybe when I’m gone and the trees are dropping leaves
You will remember that I never left you
And maybe when the boats all pull away
You will remember what we’d say
When the tide was lying low
‘If I ever die before you do
I will never truly leave you
As long as you still like me after.’
We’d laugh at the prospect of our deaths
And how we were far away from it
When it was only around the corner

You can let the water wash me away
If you feel like you should
It was the only place that we were okay
I will want to have stayed
But I wouldn’t even if I could

You can close my eyes if they bother you
If I look but I can’t see
You can even hold my hand
When you lay me on the sand
And push me out to where you’ll never be

Maybe when I’m gone and you remember our last week
It will be no more than a memory
And maybe all the things we never said
Will fall slowly from your head
If and when you are sleeping
As they fall likes drops down a slope
I’m sure you’ll not lose hope
But gain it for another cause
And when you are feeling your most weak
And your voice chokes when you speak
You’ll find your strength in the knowledge that it happened