Hi girlgang!

So below is a poster that you guys can print off if you haven’t been sent posters, we haven’t the means right now to send abroad!! But if you want to join in, then you have the right to! and here is the means! You can print off one copy and photocopy! Even if it’s black and white it’s fine. Try and use a printer/photocopier somewhere like school or work to save on ink!! MWAHAHAHAH. don’t want to piss off your parents. Plus you can fill in which date the album comes out in your territory. So in the US it is march 5th! in Germany March 1st! say whuuuuuuuuut! And once the record is out you can just fill it in to say OUT NOW! Keep sending in pictures of your work and you can win prizes and treats and rewards!! x LOVE YOU GUYS SO FUCKIN MUCH! XXXXXXXXXXXX Please make sure you don’t post in illegal sites!! places like bars/cafes/record shops/libraries/school/work etc are much better!! wOO GO GIRL GANG.GIRL GANG POSTER