To celebrate international women’s day I have been thinking about chicks all day, I know right bro? You do that like everyday and like no-one gives you a frickin medal for it. Well they should do! Cause chicks are awesome.

Ok we’ll start with my friend emmy the great who is so super smart and hot and a good friend. So much goodness… She inspired this post as I received a ‘Happy International Women’s Day’ Email from her today. She will be making friendship bracelets and drinking wine with friends tonight to celebrate.


Moving onto my Hero Buffy the Vampire slayer. So I’m like blates obsessed with her, my first feminist kick ass hero, validated being a teenage girl for me blah blah blah. She rocks. She picked real nice friends over popularity and saved the earth. She got in trouble at school, wore pretty dresses, climbed out of windows at night and let’s not forget she also had to kill her boyfriend cause he turned into one of the most evil and sadistic vampires that has ever roamed the earth. Remember girls, it ain’t that bad, and hey if it is that bad you have a nice, relatable, cute girl who’s been through this shit too and survived! I like this selection of clips from youtube with a backing track of the Fray. Nice job “StaceBliss”. Feelin your vibes.


Moving onto supercute! My supercute pals are young and sweet and sassy and smart. They help me through serious troubled times and blow my mind with their maturity. Although sometimes I think they’re far too immature. (hAHAHA hilarious in-joke) It’s confusing. It’s like candy and bubblegum wrappers fell in a blender with an activist, a rock star, an acid head and some kittens. Think snoop dogg might have dropped a toenail in there also.


Moving onto Emma Chitty of THRUSH METAL (Best band name ever) And Shuga. This girl has a beautiful soul and a beautiful mole, right in the corner of her eye. She is super smokin hot and like really one of the most sorted and together people that I know. She has a wild streak and an artistic mind. Her voice will kick you right in the head, it’s like a 5 year old and then an old slave singer mixed with patti smith and something you just can’t put your finger on but you love. Her songs make you feel calm and afraid and then sad and goosepimply and strong. You look up the word cool in the dictionary and there’s a picture of her right next to Bart Simpson. Here she is getting a tattoo.


My friend Samantha Valentine, bassist and sex kitten extraordinare. She is so pretty and pouty and a geordie a really caring friend. I heart her.


Karen O.

What can I say I just love her. Like real love her. Her voice when she talks is so sweet. She’s just like sweet and polite and humble and then she does like freaky stuff on stage and she’s not afraid and honest and wild and free and you just wanna jump around on a bouncy castle drunk with her and then eat hot dogs (obvs mine would be vegetarian, don’t panic)


Joan Jett is badass. She changed it all. I like that thing where girls are tough and you wouldn’t dare fuck with them but you know from their face they like totally cuddle baby ducks and save puppies and stuff.

My mum is like way supercool and strong and a nurse and looked cool goth in the 60s. Can’t find the picture tho!

My Sisters. They Reign Supreme. There we are in our matching pyjamas and with our guinea pigs.


Brigitte Aphrodite who is a goddess and also a sequin


ohhh kathleen you mean the world to me

Kim Gordon. Don’t mess.

Courtney Forever Honest

Nina. My favourite Nina Simone recording has this whole thing, the band start playing and like 20 seconds in she stops them and is like ‘no you’re not feelin it. don’t waste my time, don’t play if you’re not gonna feel it.’

And last but not least, Jonny T back in the day. You cannot argue with me on this one, he is a total babe.

I have a lot of wonderful females in my life that mean the world to me and I’m gonna think about them tonight, and think about the fact that I care about women and equal rights and women being able to be who they want to be and being influenced by positive things and not forced into believing they should be something. I’m also gonna think about women throughout the world who are less fortunate than that, who don’t get to be themselves, who cannot dress in certain ways, who are victims of domestic violence, or rape, who are put in prison for reporting such things and offered the chance to get out of prison if they marry their rapists. Who are not given opportunities at work or school. Baby girls who are abandoned because they are girls. Women who are emotionally abused and can’t see it, who are manipulated and have their self esteems destroyed. Women who are being trafficked, sold and bought in the sex industries. All this fucked up stuff that I am so lucky not to have to go through. So thanks to the many women and men in my life who have inspired me and made it so that I am comfortable being myself.

And just so the boys don’t feel left out. Here is my friend Micki and I being dudes because of course guys can be awesome too!