I cannot express my excitement as we build up to the release of Girl Talk! It has been an incredible and pretty unbelievable journey getting to this point.

With my heart and head in a confused spot at the beginning of 2012, I headed with my girl gang to LA to put my mess and my guts into recordings with the great Tom Blller. I was lucky enough to do this in a beautiful mansion in Echo Park called the Paramour. It was pretty much like a dream and as surreal and ridiculous as you can imagine it would be. 10 months later and it is mixed, mastered, artwork completed and videos shot. My blood, sweat, emotional puke and tears have been thrown into this record, (music is totes the healthiest and friendliest of vices!!) and it’s the most honest and thought out yet somehow thoughtless piece of work I have ever done. I’m so proud of it and am just excited for the release this march!

I have so much to share with you which I cannot wait to start doing and to begin with I have tours coming up! You can order tickets to shows here!
And yes, more dates in other parts of the world will be added as the days go by so have no fear if you feel like I have forgotten about you, I haven’t.
Keep an eye for news of my upcoming work with Plan USA “Because I Am A Girl” and their new campaign “Buck Up!”, my fashion week ventures, a new music video and radio sessions in the next few weeks. woo!
Again thank you for all your support, you continue to help me to do what I love to do and I that is the most amazing feeling. I can’t wait to see you!

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All pics by Alice Baxley