I am starting a podcast folks! I will edit it on garageband and put it on mixcloud.

I will play cool songs, talk about stuff I think is good, interview friends and talented folk and supply an Agony Aunt service! Paula told me I should so I am.

Please send letters with questions you would like me to answer to …(remember that if you have very serious problems then you should seek help from professionals, i can only give you advice and advice from friends or tell you things i learn from the telly watching buffy or jeremy kyle ((put something on the end of it? thanks for the tip jez, that one’s covered))

anyway yeah if you need agony aunt style advice about friends, love, music, relationships, alien invasions please write to


If you don’t want the letter shared then please don’t send as this will be used on a public podcast!! (you could always sign it anonymously, PLEASE STATE IF YOU WANT IT KEPT ANONYMOUS! or sign off on a secret codename and i will use that)

If you send a handwritten nicely decorated version of the letter I will include it in my next fanzine!