Stayed with emma (sHUGA!) at my friend Margrit’s house for a few days…

Then we moved into the most unreal house I’ve ever been to in my LIFE! it is basically a mansion and we are making the album here. I can’t even tell you how beautiful and exciting and soul healing this place is. I feel so happy to be here. It’s a good place to be right now. I am getting plenty of vitamin D and girl love with my lady friendS and writing in my diary. blahblahblah!

There are 5 dogs here and they are cool guard dogs who protect us. BADASS

There are trees with fresh grapefruits and there’s a swimming pool and amazing antique stuff everywhere. The views are so beautiful and the people who own it are so sweet. I have such an amazing feeling about making the record here. I am SO excited for you guys to here it. I’ve written so much on the bass, inspired by the receeders, inspired by t.rex, supercute, shuga, bratmobile, hole, kathleen, smith, april march, loads of other stuff. I feel like I’ve puked my guts out and I’m gonna kick the shit out of stuff this year.

I’m gonna update you here with plenty of posts and pictures and you will Looooove it too!

Girl Boy Love! lovelovleovleoveivoejvoke;voe


Spent some time having fun with my girls and boyzz and the awesome dudes from FIDLAR and their HOMIEEEEEZZZ. Check ’em out at south by if you’re going, also Shuga are playin.

But yeah, getting to work today, setting up drums, plugging in amps. It’s gonna be a beautiful time.

This is the room my album is gonna be made in…!!!! laterzz dudes xxxxxxxxx