I’ve been hanging out at London Fashion Week with my friend and stylist Rebakah Roy, Editor Hannah Kane, Creative Director Leigh Keily all from Phoenix Magazine, (the mag I am the music editor of!)

I’ve never actually done the fashion week thing, I guess I’ve always either been on tour and out of the country or too lazy and intimidated by the idea of it, so it’s been really interesting for me being here and seeing shows the last 2 days (it feels like way longer). Being able to hang with the team from Phoenix has made it a lot easier, watching Rebekah backstage styling for the ‘ones to watch’ shows, Hannah and Leigh taking notes and sketching during shows and going home to write up for the magazine somehow helped to make the whole thing a lot more real.

Seeing how much work goes into it and watching it run as an industry as opposed to a lot of people partying and dressing extravagantly (don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of that going on too) but it’s just like anything really in that you can make it what you want it to be. And it’s nice to see it in a different light, one that I can relate to. I saw Georgia Hardinge’s show and loved it so so much, we met her for drinks afterwards and it was just cool to meet a talented, driven woman who worked really hard at being creative in a way that makes sense to her. A lot of the shows remind me of a gig too, it’s a real performance and there’s a load of atmosphere and tension and it’s kind of a bit scary just as the lights go down, so much anticipation. The models look like these surreal alien fembots and sometimes I’d be thinking ‘I guess it isn’t really even about the model it’s about the clothes she’s wearing, someone else’s work’ but then I would fall in love with one of their faces or be hugely impressed by the confidence and strength with which they held themselves and then you realise that all of the models are picked for each show and designer for different reasons, they fit in with an aesthetic because they’re part of the style of the brand and they’re representing someone, so they’re hugely important. Then afterwards you see them walking around like normal human beings and realise it was a performance and they’re not fembots anymore. The lights and music are also key to making the show impressive and the huge pit of photographers at the bottom of the runway is terrifying, they kind of remind me of a swarm of bees. But then Rebekah would turn around and point out her husband (who is a photographer) in the crowd of bees and suddenly the bees are no longer bees but humans with wives or boyfriends or whatever and shoes. I kept noticing their feet after that, otherwise it was a bunch of heads with cameras for faces.

Anyway it’s been really nice to experience all of this and to learn stuff and see it in a really creative light. I’ve realised you never get to see the clothes like that ever again, they really are works of art when they’re being walked down a catwalk. After that they’re on a hanger decorating your wardrobe or your window or on your body and you’re wearing it in your own way so it becomes something that you wear to compliment your personality or mood or whatever so the focus stops being about the designer and their work and more about how it makes you feel. In the same way that a piece of music becomes yours when you connect it to a feeling/emotion or time period. It’s also been great to learn more about designers, something I’ve never got to grips with before, I’m terrible with names and I just didn’t know where to start with all of it really but when you think of it it’s just material and fabrics, skill, ideas and creativity and A LOT OF hard work and that all together tends to equal a LOT OF FUN.

Bora Aksu, Georgia Hardinge, Phoebe English, Todd Lynn are my favourites so far.

Bora Aksu

Georgia Hardinge


Phoebe English



Todd Lynn


Oh and Nova Chiu Ones To Watch were super fun too


And these are my outfits seeing as it is fashion week

Day 1

I was wearing a top by Alice Palmer, she makes evening knit wear that feels really nice on cause it kinda bounces. The Black sheen thing under it is american apparel, navy school skirt is from a vintage shop in new york, the amazing weapon/ring is Imogen Bellfield. I wear that for fabulous self defence. OH and look at my new hair! Don’t panic I’m still a ginge at heart. It’s just I had it dyed for something exciting last year…(which i will explain in a blog really soon!) and it became a weird half arsed brown/ginge colour and I decided I wanted something new and more fun. Shoes which you can’t really see in this pic are from office.

Later I was wearing my coat that I picked up from Mount Vernon’s Hospital Charity Shop, it’s within the hospital, if you’re ever there check it out, they have some secret gems. Nice to find them when you’re poorly. And the bag is from the Absolute Vintage Boutique store, just round the corner from Brick Lane.


Day 2

Day 2 started in a bit of a flap, I spilled something on stuff, then I locked ALL of my bags inside a vintage suitcase (I keep them in this green vintage suitcase and the number locks have never been changed, but being in a flap because of the spillage I was changing the numbers and panicking like ‘how do I open this damn thing??!’ and then I was like ‘oh…yeah…great.’ So I found this dusty old vintage leather brown bag that I do really like that was hiding ontop of my wardrobe. Thank goodness. SO anyway….Todd Lynn lent me this wonderful silver skirt to wear and I just teamed it with one of my favourite jumpers I got in Pinkyoto in williamsburg one time. It has nice holes in the sleeves. Then this tiny little heart brooch I’ve been wearing I can’t remember where I got it, I think I bought it on tour with Supercute! one time. Ring/weapon is again Imogen Bellfield. Amazing Choker is something that Terry De Havilland gave me once when I went to hang out with him and his wife Liz in their studio. They are my favourite rock n roll cobblers of all time. They’ve been making amazing fun shoes since the 70’s (remember those shoes I wore for the german tv blondie cover thing with the insanely cute hearts in the heels?! well he made those). Shoes are an old office pair (sorry terry!)

Coat was a trench coat I got from Rockit a couple of years ago but can’t find a picture of that.

Ok that’s me done. Over and out. On to Day 3. x