It has been approximately 15 years since I wrote a blog so I thought I would sit down and write one. It honestly feel so foreign to me now that I haven’t done it for a minute, so excuse me while I brush off this rust.

In January, fuk can you believe it is basically june?! SHit 2014! U flyin by faster than any of the other years.

Ok so in January I came to LA, my music manager, bunch of my close friends n stufffff live out here, acting has become a new thing, america has been a supportive, inviting place over the last 2 years, career wise and emotionally. So I thought ok I’m gonna give this a try until coachella, see how it goes, what I can come up with. Well it turns out a few months is an awful amount of time to give yourself to achieve stuff in a new city. It’s kind of like you just get going and settled and into your nook but haven’t quite found your feet and then you see your first bathroom cockroach and you haven’t actually done anything so you get really anxious and put pressure on yourself and then you’d be jumping on a plane home again. It just didn’t make sense to not stay longer. SOO ENGLAND BRACE YOURSELVES. I singed a lease on a house out here for a year. I have moved to LA. Cunted. That’s the word you would use to describe how you’re feeling right now. I know. I can’t believe it either. I honestly used to write people off for even saying they liked LA. But ok England here me out.

The past 5 months have not been the smoothest, are they ever when it comes to me? Let’s face it. Wait have I ever even had a smooth 2 months? I would say I’ve had a smooth month before. Or probably at least a smooth 3 weeks. two. Anyway. On a personal level I had a big ole rug swept from beneath my feet as usual and this one was quite shocker lemme tell you. Except u know not really gonna tell u cause I don’t air dirty laundry. My mama and destiny’s child taught me better than that. What’s sacred is sacred. etc. But what I will say is my personal life was planned out one way in my head and then taken away pretty fast and it shocked me, threw me off course and it huRRRRrt. I was certain at one point that I was just gonna pack my bags, get on a plane and fly home to cry to my mum and hug my bunny who fuckkk i miss so fucking much.


But I went on tour instead. Thank you universe for throwing me the greatest timing of my life. I met with my girl gang in St.louis, there were 3 tornados and I had gone mad and dyed my hair pink. As I do in times of crises. Emma thought I was wearing a wig. Helen thought I needed medication. Paula and Linda loved it! Kris was like “nice hair mumma”. And Alicia barely recognised me on the plane until I fell over her to get to my seat because we hardly knew each other. SUCCESS! oh and i’m sure lance thought it was cool.

Tour as usual saved my life. Tour is the best thing a human can do in the world. Especially me because I have the best fans in the world and the best touring party in the whole world. Like the sweetest, funnest, cutest people in my crowd to look in the eye and jump around like a mad woman to and the funnest, maddest, greatest freaks I’ve ever met to ride around in a van and share hotel rooms with. It helped get my head back to focusing on what I wanted to do. Sometimes in a crises I get so wrapped up in my head in all the bullshit and cause I’m a cancer I think everything is a sign. I also feel things really heavily and cling on to whatever it is i’m feeling to the point where I can forget myself. Well tour is good for knocking yourself out of that. I imagine any kind of road trip with friends is good for that.

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Coachella was a pretty special moment where it felt like all the hard work we’ve all done over the past 2 years, and I say we intentionally because I mean you guys as well, but anyway it all kind of built up to this exciting moment where I felt a change. Hard to explain but I just felt a shift. Like the next phase is swooping in. Since getting back from coachella I have been working on a lot of new material. Personal new record stuff and Musical stuff. In like a week the director of Only Gold is coming out here and we will finalise the show! There’s a few things that I wanna announce to you guys over the internet via a blog over the next few weeks and I wanted to get started on doing that and reconnecting with you. Step one had to be me explaining I am a brit living in america right now.

Living in a new city is by no means easy, I have a lot of moments where I really do wanna fly back home to my family. And I mean let’s face it, it’s far too hot for a vampire like me out here, my skin is basically see through. I’m terrible at sorting out real people things like getting your water turned on and paying bills n stuff. So 5 days of my water being turned off and it being 100 degrees outside was, u know, fun. HELP ME DAD. I thought there was someone on my roof at 3 am one time and had to call my landlord to come and check it out…at 3am, poor guy. But like it’s america and the criminals here have guns!! HELP ME DAD. Turned out it was racoons and now i have a baseball bat by the side of my bed incase of emergencies. I will now bat the guns out of the criminals hands I guess.

I still get lonely and attract stray animals and put them in my car and have to find them homes even though I just want to keep them all.


And honestly probably the most annoying thing about living in LA is is that there are basically no newsagents. You mostly can’t just nip round the corner and get a newspaper, can of beans, some kitchen roll and a smirnoff ice. Doing little things like that seem to take forever cause you just have to drive everywhere and then park. BUT WHATAAA there are TONS of amazing things about being here too and I have come to love the city. Living near the beach, mountains, the desert and the city all at the same time is pretty cool. I have some good eggs out here, there are some great weirdos in LA to be friends with. My favourite food the avocado tastes way better out here. And my house is super cute and it’s red and I have a porch and now I’m used to the racoons, I totally love it. I invested in setting up my own first ever home recording studio and learnt to use logic and now I am writing a bunch of new songs. And honestly there are a lot of crazy good career opportunities out here for me that there just aren’t in England right now. And it’s an exciting, almost starting from scratch point of my career, but as a grown up. I’m older and wiser and I know what I want now. So I’m sticking it out. I’m giving it a go. London know that I love you and I will be back and like for reals if UKIP become a genuine threat to us I will get on a muthafuckin plane and protest the shit outta those bastards in a second. But I just wanted to update you on what I’m up to right now. Starting from scratch and living in Los Angeles.



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