HI!!! ::))))))) & WELCOME!!!


I will be blogging regularly from the site about what I am up to and… MY NEW RECORD!! Yes!!! there is a new record!!! My 4th Album is in sight. 4TH!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I am super excited about it. It kind of took me a while to find my feet here in LA, I moved here in DEC 2013. I had a love break up, a work break up, some major stuff that was like ‘wtf just happened why did i even move to this craphole everyone is a freak help me i miss the tube and my bunny too much for this BS’… BUT when I learnt the chords to ‘My heart will go on’ back in 1997 I did not know how much celine was speaking tha TRUTH.

I’ve still got love in my heart and finally feel settled here, I have a dog! A crazy one, that I rescued in Changos, a coffee shop in echo park, from a drug addict who was leaving town and was selling her for $20. I was so unsure of myself that day. I was actually frozen in the street having a brain spasm, my head was like “shall i walk for coffee? no i should go home. should i though? maybe i should? no i don’t want to, go home, oh jesus just go i can’t stand in the street any longer people are worried.’ I was totally disturbed. I truly didn’t expect to keep this animal because she is kind of…well, crazy. She doesn’t fit in my handbag, she doesn’t make life easy, she is a strong, street dog with a lot of emotions and energy. But I love her and we kinda have the same face and the same personality and are sort of somehow soul mates.

I signed a new publishing deal last year, as you probably know, with Warner Chappell and have been working hard with my girl Kate Craig ever since. Massive shout out to her because she has continued to believe in me and be a force through thick and thin during my time here. Kept me on my game and kept me working and pushing me through all the madness. I wrote a single for Rita Ora! (Poison) I started writing for other people because I wanted to try my hand at that and it gave me a minute to settle down and figure out what I wanted for myself. After many sessions with strange (and wonderful) producers/writers, studios that looked like hotel rooms, studios that looked like junkyards (i like the junkyards obviously) and oddly enough, studios that not only look like, but ARE a real life castle in the south of France…I have found my crew. I have narrowed it down to a few people I really like and we’ve been working on my new record. It’s starting to make sense and come together and sound like an album! fuckkkkkkkkkk I wish I could play you something but I can’t yet!!! I’m sorry :((( it’s super top secret area 51 mulder & scully shit. it’s got alien secrets on it. really good ones. !!!!

I got a new manager. I am now with Elyse Rogers at Maverick. Who is a total badass and was only in Dance Hall Crashers…no way!! err yes way. Very excited about that and everything we are working on together. So please for anyone that is contacting management, this is the right person to contact!

I’ve also been working hard on Girl Gang stuff and I have a fun announcement about that! Can’t believe it’s been 10 months since our first episode of Girl Gang TV already! (if you missed it, you can download it here!) Watch this blog.

I’ve been working on new merch ideas and now that this site is up, new merch is coming so so SOON!!! Including girlgang necklaces, the original version. I know a lot of you have been asking for that. <3

I miss you guys all so much and I cannot wait to finish this record and get on the road and squeeze all of you and have pizza parties and dance on stage together and play you all my new music. Thank you for always and forever being the BEST AND NICEST MOST WONDERFUL SUPPORTIVE FANS IN THE WHOLE WORLD. You should get awards. I will try and make some 4 u. (this might take 5 years fyi)..( and they will be made of tinsel)

Can we just talk for a sec about the fact that scientists are finally about to admit alien life to us. I mean obviously we already know but like they are soon gonna tell us. Go read the article about megastructures surrounding a star that they think could be alien solar panels sourcing energy from the star!!!!! GAHHHHH. also I saw a UFO in Death Valley, that blog is coming soon.

Thanks for coming to the new site. I have to share with you that I feel like for the first time I have actual real confidence in myself. I have kind of always had the badass bitch/attitude/confidence in life vibe going on. But it’s taken me a few beat downs and a lot of self loving to get to this point where I’m like, I’m not trying to please anyone, and am really not interested in impressing everyone u know, it’s like I value my true friendships and family so much I don’t need everyone’s approval, I don’t need everyone to like me, I’m not validated by that.. I think a big part of me wanted that before even though I might not have admitted it, or maybe I didn’t even realise it…I made this zine with my friend Kelsey (the little ghost) and we explored all these ideas about where I’ve come from, the internet, who I am/was etc. I dunno looking back on my career made me feel proud of myself and confident about my experience. I’ve turned a lot of the negative stuff people have said about me over the years into positivity and in turn, that’s shaped my manifesto and given me strength (zine will be shared online soon) But yeah, now it’s more like “i’m cool AF and happy freaky and an oddball and will laugh as hard as I can through this life and I love myself I really do.’ Stick to being true to your emotions and self and I like to think it will pay off in an unexplainable way at some point. And if you struggle with confidence/loving yourself issue. Just fake it till you make it. It really works. Look in the mirror, that cliche shit, and just be like “you rule, you are so fucking awesome. i love myself, i am great” and then like give yourself a little wink and slap yourself on the butt.

Trust in the universe.

I love you all so much. Enjoy the new site. Next blog coming soon.