Another thing I was lucky enough to work on this week was a project started by the people at Occupy called “School of Rockupy” (see what they did there)

Friend and Musician Sam Duckworth (Get Cape Wear Cape Fly) who has been really involved in Occupy  invited me to be part of a workshop day they were organising for occupation. Occupy stressed that they were trying to encourage change but didn’t want to put ideas in anyone’s heads about what should change. They encourage people to decide what they think should change. So a bunch of young people from a school in London were invited down to write and record their own song, make the artwork and create some media interest around it, all in one day!

The reason I love doing music workshops with young people is because it makes me feel so happy when I see how much confidence and happiness creating something makes people feel. I think it’s so important to be encouraged, to feel like you’ve achieved something and to feel like you’re expressing yourself and that you’re opinions are being heard. It makes such a difference to how you go on to live your life and gives you strength to make decisions based on what you actually want, not what someone else makes you feel you need.

I can’t believe how much work they did in one day. The whole song was written and recorded, I helped work on the lyric/structure of the song, our friends Jay and Siobhan from KnitnHealthy came down to help work on artwork and finished the single cover made from lino prints based on themes and ideas from the lyrics and Jay worked with Sam on the production. It was the kids that created everything though, I don’t think you can teach someone how to write a song, you just need to encourage and help people articulate their ideas. It was a lot of fun and a really important project to be part of. So thanks to Sam for inviting me and for Occupy for having me.

I want to state that I support Occupy, we need to be heard and this is something that the government can’t ignore. They can bullshit their way through an election, tell us things we want to hear so that they win a political game and then make selfish decisions based on bullshit politics. We’ve been let down time and time again and people don’t know where to turn anymore. So there’s something very pure and refreshing about people doing this. Creating real democracy. Even if it’s as simple an action as standing in the street with a sign saying who you are and what you want or something that you disagree with. Somebody has to start listening to that and change must come.