This month has become a bit of a finger biter. Which is why it makes perfect sense to post a little teaser to my next music video 3AM! You should think of this as a prologue, a teaser. When I watched this video I was both horrified and humoured. It is like so painfully obvious what is about to happen to these two. It is beautiful and sad and hilarious. I feel like the video for 3AM should probably come with a warning for couples on the edge. Like maybe you shouldn’t watch this because it will snap you. Or perhaps you should, maybe a wake up call is needed! Kind of like the feeling couples on the edge might have had when watching Blue Valentine. It’s a little too close to home and a little too much and obvious what you’re supposed to do. It’s like that person in your head that sometimes screams at you for not doing what you’re supposed to “ERRR HELLLO!??? WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? YOU CAN’T IGNORE THIS LITTLE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD FOREVER??? NOO I AM NOT THE SAME SPIDER ON THE BACK OF BART SIMPSON’S HEAD THE TIME HE THOUGHT HE WAS GUILTY BUT A SPIDER WAS JUST BITING HIM””

That little voice is always there. It’s so ANNOYING! I swear I have lived through so much denial that definitely at the time I would have called hope. I don’t know whether it’s wrong to call it that. Sometimes it’s so hard to tell the difference between hope and denial. anyway.

Back to this month! It is gonna be so friggin exciting and a lot of hard work and eye openers for me which is why I have no nails left. I have been super busy doing promo for the record which feels great, I just want to expose this album to the world in a huge open hearted kind of manor for some reason. I am also going to NY fashion week, watching some shows and also DJING for the wonderful Chloe Moretz’ sweet 16 at the teen vogue party. OMG! can we please invite taylor swift and jennifer lawrence?! I’ll be going to see some of my favourite designers at London FW. We’ve got the listening valentines day do for those of you who bought tickets on pledge, this is shaping up to be super sweet and awesome. I’ll also be throwing a fabulous record release party on march 4th which some of you will be able to win tickets too! And trust me it will be fabulous. I watched sex and the city, plus 1 is the loneliest number, the one where carrie has her book launch party and I was like “RIGHT! I’M CARRIE BRADSHAW AND I WANT A PARTY”. I am also going to Africa with the charity Plan USA, which will be life changing, eye opening and probably painful and beautiful and the most real thing I’ve ever been exposed to. Then I have some shows coming up, I’m playing with the most wonderful Brigitte Aphrodite in Reading and then London and then from there on it’s pretty much Tour central.

Ok so enough blurrr here’s the teaser prologue video I’ve been going on about.



Screen shot 2013-02-02 at 12.54.21