Don’t you think it’s weird how when a girl band is an all girl band they have to explain why there’s only girls in the band. Like ‘Oh well we didn’t really mean for it to become an all girl band, we didn’t mean for that to happen it just did” it’s like the beatles never had to explain that, nor the stones or the smiths, replacements, nirvana. Why does there need to be an explanation as to why a bunch of girlfriends were hanging out and started playing music together. It’s like you wouldn’t question if i had a sleepover with my girlfriends, we were painting our nails eating cookie dough and watching team america, so what if that turned into a conversation about music and a starting a band. I swear all fern thinks about is drums, she’s always online perving over cymbals and drum kits. I’m obsessed with playing bass, music is all I think about at the moment. I write guitar licks by singing stuff that sounds like christmas, I’ve written guitar parts and drum parts I’ve never been prouder of and I’ve never been happier with the input from the people that I have chosen to work with, fern emma and carmen. Music is my saviour and hiding place, it’s home and love and pain and everything. it helps and it makes me sing and cry and dance and happy and safe. Don’t make me fucking explain the fact I’m a girl, do my body parts make a difference to the fact that I love music and wanna make it and play it with other girls? And if so, why such a negative difference? Or one that I have to defend?

I was getting a pedicure the other day, something i rarely do, my feet are pretty horrible, but when i do do it, it makes me happy and feel better and think that i should always get pedicures and that it’ll be my new thing, but it never does become my new thing. Anyway I was reading about jennifer lawrence in Rolling Stone magazine because i heart her really badly and i loved loved loved the hunger games and then i moved onto an article about frats and i have found my new enemies. Fucking hell, delta kappa epsilon, the same frat that prides itself on producing george bush, were cracked down on because they were caught on youtube chanting around their college “NO MEANS YES AND YES MEANS ANAL” and then these dudes give out tips to other frats on how to successfully date rape. ARHGHGHG. These rich white men that come from the “best colleges in america” end up running our country, they basically become the most powerful people in the world and influence the way that not only the country is run but the entire western world. holy crap, how is this possible?! how can we stop this? i’m overwhelmed. I actually cried with anger during my pedicure, the nice vietnamese lady that was doing it was very concerned about me but i just felt it so hard. i cannot believe these fucking stupid arseholes have the power and gain the respect that they do. i don’t even know how to sum up in words how it makes me feel but it’s really bad. i just don’t know how people can be so awful and uneducated and violent and offensive. below is a link to an article on the story. People should have more fucking respect for each other and also a brain. Go fuck yourselves Delta Kappa Epsilon. You stupid fucking moronic waste of spaces.