I am SO SO sorry to be cancelling this show.
I hate doing this & I hate letting you guys down.

I never ever do it, always plough through if I’m feeling rough but my body has just broken down or something since getting off this 3 month tour and I haven’t been this sick in years.

I woke up yesterday with the most painful throat I’ve ever had with white spots all over it. I had a strict vocal rest day, I didn’t say one thing! (Can you imagine how hard that was for me?) I slept throughout the day & at about 10.00pm gave in & emailed my whole team saying I was incredibly worried about the show.

I had an emergency doctors appointment, turns out I’ve got strep and have been told it could jeopardize my entire summer singing this show & damaging it even more & I can’t risk that. I need to give my body the rest it is demanding. It takes a lot to shut me down & make me give in as you know, so trust me when I say it’s bad. I have chills, leg cramps, my head wants to explode, my ears are attacking me & my throat is unbearable. White spots freakin me out. it looks like zombie disease in there and it hurts so much. I kind of wanna post a picture but you’ll never look at me the same again. And it’s too gross. Even the doctor made a grossed out grunt when she looked down there with that mini doctor torch.

I gotta do what the doctor says. Please accept my apology & know how genuinely bummed out I am to be cancelling this show. I hate doing this. ugh Sorry.

I’ve got antibiotics and am just lying here in bed all day. Hopefully I should be up and about in a few days. Fingers crossed these antibiotics kick in fast.

So sorry again.


wish these were real…